Gary Orner
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With things that happened in florida.... What is trying to happen in IL and NY. I will be pushing this place more. A place that is for the Hobby and USARK. TODAY WE LOST......

I am working on a way to live stream. I know this is not the admin account. I am not sure if it will be soon or if it will be when we move to the dedicated servers. But I am working on it. Here is somethings I am working on .

Live Stream
Blasts(I will release more as I get it working)
Live video calling(this may take time I am looking at options)
I will be teaming with some other places also to offer TRR members discounts on supplies and other things.

Everyone I am trying to create a place for us to call home. 10 plus million households have reptiles. We can handle that

Ray Buchanan This place is going to be Awesome! I don't mean that its not right now, but it'll be better than FB :)

Gary Orner Thank you. I put my heart and soul into this. I am hoping that we all can make the move and not worry about FB deleting us.

Chris Reedy I see this platform doing nothing but continue to grow and get better everyday Thank You Gary for taking your time to do this for our community and hobby

Jon Pilat in my opinion i already like this 100x more than facebook all its missing is the members to make it interesting

Gary Orner Thanks everyone. I will be working on a page here that will give you other things I am working on for the site. Updates and added features. I am all in here.

I will be interviewed along with my friend Andrew on The Iron Animal House Show.
Stop by and see what wacky stuff we can talk about. This will be fun for sure! Share this with EVERYONE OE and FAUNA FANS

I know this is not the admin account but I will be adding a forum type area that everyone can see. THis is more for me to post the how to videos but also give a place to chat reptiles and other pets. This will not replace groups.

for market place be sure all fields are filled in location you can just put state if you like

I truly believe in this site. I truly think that it can become what it once was. TRR was a large forum with a great set of members. Most of us were venomous keepers. BUT we had all sorts of reptile keepers there.

I was known to give the most freedom of any forum out there. I was known to be the man in the middle never taking sides.

Thank you all for being here. THANK YOU. It means a lot to me.

Hello Everyone