If you are interested in advertising please just contact me. I am working on coding a ad placement for the news feed. Also I am going to have a list under reptile links to the right. We also have the sponsored area.

Ads help with server costs and other things. People that know me from the Original TRR know i put it all back into the site.

The only thing I ask it to be is something to do with pets. I could put up google ads and make a few dollars but I want this to be US!

What do you think so far?


53 MEMBERS!!!!

Goal 100 members in the next 7 days

Goal 500 Members in the next 60 Days

That is what I am hoping

Also TRR will take Bitcoin, and ALT Coins for payment for advertising.

Ladies and gents you can use Hashtags.


System Administrator Just finished it up so that search engines will crawl for them

I am doing a Facebook drive one certain groups. This site is stable 100%. I know somethings will take time to get sue to and other things are on the list to add of change.

This site will be the place to be. USARK will be a huge focus for us also. NO ONE can touch us here. This is our home!

OK Verified accounts can and will be happening. How do you become VERIFIED?

1) I know you and who you are. I will put the blue checkmark next to your name. This will help for anytime a person tryies to be you or anyone else.

2) Contact me via messenger here. WE will take the steps needed.

This will prevent people from acting like someone they are not. If you just used a business name for your main account we can still get you that bleu checkmark!!!

USARK is a huge part of our hobby. Please click the link to the right and become a member for only 5 dollars a month. Every Member makes a difference!

Pretty Cool Picture

27 Members! THANK YOU! First goal is 100!

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