I finally got the snake I ordered from The Snake Keepers (TSK) Inc. On morphmarket in January. She is gorgeous, but I haven't seen her since I put her in her tank lol

Erin Smith Have you seen her after this? She is beautiful. How big is she going to be?

Seasonal Shipping to my area starts tomorrow!!! I have a king snake and some pictus geckos coming. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for the unboxing video(s). More reptile content will follow.
Ray's Hobby Exotics

We should have reptile transporters so we don't have to rely on FedEx. Like dog and other mammal people do.
I don't like FedEx, I would rather pay a person to do the driving and help them feed their family...

Jon Pilat you reach out if on east coast i always love a trip and enjoy a warm vehicle 😂

Anybody interested in a WC garter? I have had him almost a year. I think he will probably be 2 this year. He doubled his size and then some since I got him. 99% sure its male but I'm not a snake breeder so won't promise I'm right. He is just about 3 feet long

Ray Buchanan Eats night crawlers and fish. Will even take F/T tilapia!

Ray Buchanan The story on this guy goes like this... I told my mom last year that I wanted to get a pet snake. Later that week she comes over with this and says she caught it in her house and thought of me. I'm like "great....." and have been trying to figure out what to do with it since. I would really like to use the tank for a different snake, I didn't even want a garter... Couldn't release it last year, mom would have been MAD (she is mentally unstable, we don't piss her off). I didn't brumate him so I think releasing him is off the table? I know its illegal to sell or release this animal. Am I seriously stuck with it through a series of events?

Sherry Lynn Hnytka This little guy is just the kind of snake I'd be interested in; however, it would cost too much to have him shipped to northern Canada. He looks good and I like his body line colours. Thank you for showing him to us. If I hear of anyone who's interested in one I will point them towards you.

Ray Buchanan Sherry, thanks so much. I appreciate it

One day closer to shipping season around here! I can't wait to get my critters in the mail. Come on Spring! My tanks are ready!

Pretty cool site! I look forward to seeing it grow and having a safe place to buy and sell!

Ray Buchanan
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